Cheney Youth Court Presents Anti-Distracted Driving Program to Peers

Firefighter Tim Steiner presents "Think First, Think Again"
to Cheney High School Students 
On April 25th Cheney Youth Court, located in Eastern Washington, sponsored an anti-distracted driving program to all Juniors and Seniors at their local high school. Through a partnership between the Cheney Youth Court, the local Fire Department, and Cheney High School administration “Think-First, Think-Again” has become an annual event presented just days before Prom and a few weeks before Graduation. Its purpose is to emphasize safe driving practices like wearing your seat belt, committing to not texting and driving, and not getting into a car with drivers that have been drinking. “Think-First, Think-Again” has become such a valued and successful program that Principal Troy Heuett stated, “of all the programs that are cut when schedules get tight, this is not one of them…this is too important to miss”.

Student drivers sign their names committing to "lose the distractions!"


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