Friday, November 1, 2013


My name is Joshua Arsenaux. I am Coordinator of the Bothell Youth Court. Raised in Seattle, I was forced early on to confront the justice system. At 12 years, I was designated ward of the court and entered the foster-care system. Feeling marginalized, I watched my life spiral downwards through confrontations with cops, school counselors, and family. I remember walking into the doors of the juvenile courtroom and feeling the sharp eyes of judges and attorneys look through my chest like a river of fire. During my senior year of high school, I attended a two-day conference called the Future of the Law Institute where heroes within the legal field spoke about how the law can be used to heal rather than destroy communities. I was encouraged to transform myself, and ever since I have believed in the power restorative justice can have in changing lives. I can be reached at Bothell Youth Court “Bothell Youth Court was started through the joint efforts of Bothell Municipal Court Michelle K. Gehlsen, University of Washington Bothell students, and Professor Camille Walsh. A genuine community and university partnership from the beginning, Bothell Youth Court draws on the knowledge of multiple stakeholders in the community to create an unforgettable experience in citizenship and restorative justice for the participants.”

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  1. Welcome Joshua! We're so glad to have your involvement, experience and leadership. Looking forward to a terrific year!